Peter Pan The Adventure Boardgame

A wonderful family adventure game set in the enchanted isle of Neverland! Battle Pirates & Lost Boys and seek out tools and clues to help you in your quest to find Captain Hook’s Treasure Chest,
filled with golden doubloons!

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Peter Pan The Adventure Boardgame

2 – 6 Players, Ages 7 – Adult. (Family game also designed for dyslexics and players with reading difficulties)

*Pre-Order* your very own copy of this fabulous and enchanting boardgame.

Enjoy the magical enchantment of Neverland like never before and experience all its pleasures and pitfalls in a wonderful new boardgame for all the Family.

Peter Pan, The Adventure Boardgame

In “Peter Pan” you will embark on an Enchanted Adventure into Neverland, The most Wonderful and Beautiful of places that all the World’s Little People have ever dreamed about.

But will Neverland be dreamed about by all of the World’s Future Little People! Only you can decide, for the Fate of Neverland as we know it lies in your hands.

Way back in the Deepest Darkest Corners of Fantasy, where the Meanest Nastiest Cut-Throat Pirates lurk about waiting to pounce on you and steal everything you own, lies the Destiny of Neverland’s Everlasting Youth.

In a Surprise Attack upon the Jolly Roger, Peter Pan whisked away and hid all of Captain Hooks Treasure, sending Captain Hook into such a rage that he has turned all his Cannon towards Neverland and threatened to destroy the Island completely, unless all his precious Booty was returned.

Later that night, Peter Pan was captured by Captain Hook’s evil Pirates, but in a struggle, he received a most serious bump on the head, so hard in fact, that he not only lost pieces of his memory and has forgotten how to fly, but he has also forgotten where he has hidden Captain Hook’s Treasure.

Peter pan is now being held captive on board the Jolly Roger and he desperately needs help, for Captain Hook is out searching Neverland for the missing pieces of Peter Pan’s memory. If he succeeds, he will destroy Peter Pan and wipe out Neverland forever.

Are you Captain Hook or one of his horrible Pirates, bent on the destruction of Peter Pan and the end of Neverland, or are you one of the Brave Lost Boys, Ready to Attack at every opportunity! Can you find the missing pieces of Peter Pan’s memory and help him to remember how to fly and help save Neverland? – Before Captain Hook and his Miserable Pirates Unleash the Fury of the Jolly Rogers Cannon upon one of the most Beautiful and Enchanted Islands ever Dreamed of.

Fantasy for all the Family

Peter Pan is a bright colourful and exciting new boardgame for all the family to enjoy. Sail around Neverland looking for pieces of Peter Pan’s memory and help rescue him from the evil Captain Hook and save Neverland from total destruction.

Search for Tools and Maps to help you on your quest, battle Pirates and Lost Boys and fight for their spoils. Hunt for a giant Treasure Chest filled to the brim with gleaming golden doubloons.


Peter Pan has lost his memory and been captured by the evil Captain Hook, he needs your help. Players must sail around Neverland in search of Tools and Weapons to find secret and long forgotten Hideouts. In each one they will find a piece of Peter Pan’s memory.

Battles will take place on Land and Sea for each other’s memory pieces for only identifying all the others can you hope to learn which piece is lost. Complete this puzzle and see if you can find the giant Chest brimming with Golden Treasure.

Weight 1150 g
Dimensions 340 × 240 × 75 mm

I asked an independent boardgame and videogame reviewer to give an overall preview of the Peter Pan Adventure Boardgame. After testing it with their children they had the following to say.

Peter Pan Adventure Boardgame Appraisal

Peter Pan Adventure Boardgame is designed as a light multi-featured adventure where the idea is to explore the island in order to discover Peter Pan’s memories that are located in various hideouts in Neverland and thus work out which memory is missing.

Combining a mixture of dice movement and card resource management, players will take turns to move around the island and use cards to overcome obstacles placed in their way.

At the beginning of the game each player is dealt five cards from the Peter Pan deck and five from the Captain Hook deck. They are also provided with a stash of twenty Doubloons to be used throughout the game.

The doubloons are held in a sizeable plastic treasure chest which is simply a delight to have.

Play is primarily through movement using the dice with the result being treated as two separate movements instead of being added together. So if you roll a five and a two, you’ll move five spaces, deal with the space you land on, then move two and deal with the result of that. It can make for some interesting decisions as ultimately the cards that you hold in your hands will decide the direction you go.

Moving about Neverland is something that requires tools to progress, from Wood to allow you to repair and cross bridges, to a raft to allow you to cross Mermaid’s Lagoon. Every card has a use, but you do not wish to draw a Hazard card, that immediately takes you to one of the four corners of the board where you will have to commence your journey from.

Other spaces contain pictures of either Hook or Pan, where you will have to purchase a card from the appropriate deck. The treasure chest space allows you to change both hands of cards for example, which can come in handy if you feel things aren’t working for you with your decks.

Passing through a hideout space will allow you to occupy that hideout and in turn win a memory card. The key to winning the game is taking over as many of the hideouts as you can, to help you learn what memories are on the board and therefore which one is missing.

If another player has a card you want? You can either go head to head in a sea based battle if they are within five spaces of you or charge up to an opponent’s flagged hideout and attempt to win the card that way.

Battles are simply a case of using numbered weapon cards in order to have a higher total in either rifapults or catapults. Each player plays a card until their total beats the other player. The loser in either situation will hand over all of their doubloons, and a hideout card as well.

Once a player feels they have seen enough hideout cards to make a guess, they will then have to get to the Hangman’s Tree or the Jolly Roger and announce what they think the missing memory card should be. If they announce it correctly, then they win. If not, then it becomes a race for the other players to reach Hangman’s Tree or the Jolly Roger and win the game.

In practice, the Peter Pan Adventure Boardgame has some extremely interesting gameplay mechanics that set it aside from the normal children’s board games you would expect to find.

The nature of having a hand of cards that can be used in certain situations is a novel approach and makes the players think about their moves before they make them.

The inclusion of battles within the game fits in well with the Peter Pan theme, but doesn’t overwhelm the player with an overly complicated rule set that should be followed.

While it is clear Peter Pan is meant to be played with the minimum of reading, the various number of rules that you need to get used to and a lack of prompts on the cards and on the game board can lead to the occasional look back on the rules.

This can lead to several breaks in the first couple of games, especially if younger players are playing by themselves.

Some simple prompts on the game board and the cards would possibly assist in reminding players what actions they can take on both the cards and the board.

The game board has some orientation issues with regards to the icons, as it’s been designed as to have a group gathered around it, as opposed to a single point of orientation with the icons all facing the same way as is standard in most games. The icons themselves could also do with being slightly larger and clearer in presentation. They would benefit from a larger use of colour palette for the obstacle icons, especially as they are difficult to make out immediately in the single yellow colour used.

The rules could also benefit with less writing and perhaps some more pictorial representations of how actions and battles occur. The text within the rulebook is not large in size and could benefit with a change in layout and highlighting to make things easier to find in the game.

The card stock is of relatively low quality in terms of thickness. An improvement to this and the size would improve the quality and allow for additional information to be placed on the card as well.

Overall the artwork needs to be revisited across the game as it could do with an overhaul as it currently looks extremely dated compared to other games on the market.

In conclusion, the Peter Pan Adventure Board Game offers some interesting mechanics and gameplay that would not normally be found in a game aimed solely at children.

However, we strongly recommend an update to the layout and presentation of the game as this would move it from something interesting to something a whole lot more.


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